Green Building Resource

Our buildings are where we live, work, learn and conduct life-saving, groundbreaking research. Harvard’s comprehensive, university-wide Green Building Standards ensure that all sustainable design and operations opportunities are vetted and that environmental targets are achieved in a cost-effective manner. As a result, Harvard is an internationally recognized leader in green building, with more LEED certified green building projects than any other higher education institution in the world, according to the US Green Building Council.

LEED Case Studies

Harvard publishes case studies for each of its LEED certified building projects to document the experience and knowledge gained from the projects, as well as to encourage best practice sharing inside and outside Harvard.

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Green Building Standards

In 2009, Harvard established Green Building Standards that apply to all capital projects over $100,000. The Standards include process-oriented requirements to ensure that all sustainable design and operations opportunities are vetted and that performance requirements are achieved in a cost-effective manner.


Life Cycle Costing

The Harvard Life Cycle Costing policy and calculator was designed to aid Harvard decision makers in considering all present and future costs related to new construction, renovation, equipment replacement, or any other project that involves upfront and ongoing expenditures.


Green Building Services

The Green Building Services team within Campus Services supports the sustainable design, construction and operation of buildings across Harvard.


Office for Sustainability

The Office for Sustainability supports Harvard’s research and teaching mission by bringing the university together to set and achieve goals for a healthier, more efficient and sustainable future.